Sunboard Cutout

Sunboard Cutout

Public events and settings such as lectures and conferences, film screenings, and supermarkets offer a great platform for advertising your products. However, in today’s time, your advertising medium needs to be subtle, attention grabbing, and easy to manage. Add a cost-effectiveness factor to it, and you’ve got the perfect solution to cover maximum view-points at the setting.

Sunboard Banner: Sunboard, commonly referred to as foam sheet, is a thick, lightweight, flat and rigid sheet of plastic. These sheets are smooth in nature and can be printed upon. The products that you wish to advertise or the communication/information are printed on this part. These prints are laminated to give them a matt / glossy look. Lamination also protects the product from daily wear and tear, scuffing and scratching. A lot of people refer to this product as cardboard display stands. But cardboard is made of paper, whereas our foam sheet stands being made of plastic are significantly more durable.
Sunboard Cutout

Benefits of Using a Sunboard Standee
Extremely Cost-Effective: The communication on the sunboard standees is generally time-relevant in nature. Meaning, the entire unit has to be discarded once the communication’s relevance ends.
These rigid standees are generally inexpensive to make. Also, the fact that they promote the products well gives them a good ROI (Return on Investment).

Light-weight and Portable: Made from sunboard, these standees are generally very light and can be taken from one place to another easily. This is especially helpful when they need to be transported to the exhibition site, or even within the premises.

Self-supporting: With the back-support integrated into the structure, these life-size standees don’t need an external support to remain upright. This self-sufficiency makes them a great standalone advertising collateral.

Rigid yet Durable: Rigid sunboard standees can be made from material of either 3mm or 5mm thickness. This makes the banner rigid enough and durable. Depending on the thickness, the weight and durability varies.

When You Want to Display on Both Sides of the Sunboard Standee: Two-sided Display Variant
An alternate variant of the sunboard stand provides both faces for advertising purposes. This involves a metal frame with the print mounted on both faces/sides. When opened up, the metal structure is in the shape of the letter ‘A’. This makes the stand very stable and less susceptible to toppling/falling.

This 2-sided life-size standee is ideal for placing in an aisle or footpath which receives a considerable footfall.

Other benefits of this Two Sided Standee variant:
Increased Advertising Space: With two faces/sides available, we have more space to display our communication.
The same communication can be displayed twice (on both sides), or two different communications can be displayed, depending on which face one is seeing. Durability: The metal frame adds weight and strength to the overall structure.
More Manageable: The metal frame can also be folded to a more manageable flat packing piece, making it easier to transport.

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