Fabric Banner

Fabric Banner

Looking for a simple way to advertise your product or service, then your first choice should be Processed Fabric Banners. These banners are economical, durable and light. The banners can be used in a small event like fun and fair or in large corporate events like team building, product launch, appreciation events and many more.

Amaira Magical Print is known for premium quality banners and custom displays. For a custom made fabric banner, you can contact our professional and talented team of designers, they will help you select the color and graphic and design of your choice, then will create a perfect banner to suit the occasion.

Processed Fabric Banners do not reflect light, making it perfect for advertising outdoor during day time. These banners give maximum visibility and ensure your brand is clearly displayed. They are extremely light in weight and easy to carry around. Once you have finished with the display, you just need to roll them up and store them; they will not fade overtime and are weather resistant. Maintaining such banners is very easy; you just have to wipe it with a wet cloth. Good news, you can also put them in the washing machine, easy to clean and will look good as new.

Every banner made at Amaira Magical Print is an absolute value for money; we offer mounting solutions along with the end product to ensure that your brand or signage is upright and erect throughout the event and is also able to attract potential customers.
Fabric Banner

Mesh Fabric Banners
Mesh Fabric Banners is a unique way to market or advertise your event. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, the benefits are firstly, lightweight and secondly, it can be folded and stored easily for re-use again and again. Perfect for sports events or construction sites or any entertainment event.

Mesh Fabric Banners are becoming popular due to their portability, vibrant colours and easiness to install. They are weather resistant and long lasting. You can place your banner even in a windy area because the fabric contains tiny holes that are ideal for letting the wind pass through.

We, at Amaira Magical Print use fabric of superior quality, and reason why our banners remain in their original position and never sway with the wind, making it easy for customers or clients to read the message without any hassle. Our mesh banners are also suitable for long term use.

Our Mesh Banners are a simple way to promote your product or business, its high visibility and low weight is an extra bonus. The advantage is it can be cut into any shape or size and then hemmed for strength.

We provide high quality mesh banners at affordable rates. We guarantee you that these banners will have an impact on the audience, it will make your product or brand look good and also deliver your advertising message to the audience.

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